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Siena is a state of mind

We fell in love with Siena, in Tuscany, the first time we set foot on the Piazza del Campo. It was a hot, sticky June afternoon in 1994.

Four of us, my wife Susan, her brother Dick and his wife Dorothy and I had spent the better part of a morning wading through the heat, grit and hordes of sweating tourists circling the sights of Florence. After a short drive south and parking the car by the Porta Romana we stumbled into the cool, inviting space of "il Campo", one of the world's most fascinating open spaces. We've never looked back.

A few years later, I began this web site in hopes of helping other travelers find the same peace of mind that we did then -- and still do today.

A visit to the inside of the beautiful, Gothic Duomo in Siena is highly recommended - the OPA Si Pass is a great deal because it gets you into the Duomo, the crypt, the baptistery and the Opera del Duomo museum. You can buy your pass to the Siena Duomo through the official website or through the phone (the call center operators speak in many languages and can propose the best tickets for your visit and family) so you don't have to get into line to buy your pass/tickets in Siena. We truly loved and enjoyed the inside of the cathedral and the Piccolomini Library - incredible colors and designs throughout.

Visit the Duomo in Siena

Over the years many images that have caught my mind's eye through the camera. I'd like to share a few of them with you, juxtaposed with the sounds of the Venetian Red Prince, packaged compliments of the animation gurus at Animoto - oh, and turn your speakers up: